OFWs now ready to remit funds to the Philippines thru OFBank

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08 February 2019
OFBank has completed the initial phase of Remittance Operation through outsourcing of Remittance System from LANDBANK. In this regard, OFWs may now send/ remit funds from abroad to the Philippines using the OFBank account as destination account or through cash pick-up to OFBank branches. There are three (3) ways to send money to your beneficiary in the Philippines through OFBank. Please choose from:
Option 1:       Via remittance partner of LANDBANK worldwide (please see )
You may send money to the Philippines through the remittance partners of Landbank abroad.
  1. Find a Landbank Foreign Remittance Partner near you 
  2. Fill up the form completely (specially the mandatory fields) with your information and the information of your beneficiary.
  3. Indicate if the funds are to be collected via cash pick or credit to an OFBank account.
  4. For Cash pick-up, inform the partner pick-up anywhere
  5. For Credit to an OFBank Account, ensure that the account number of your beneficiary is correct.
  6. Hand over to the Remittance Partner personnel your valid ID, amount to be remitted and the corresponding fees.
  7. After completion of the transaction, notify your beneficiary of the details to pick-up the funds or check their account with OFBank for the remitted funds.
Note: For Cash Pick-up:
a. Provide your beneficiary the corresponding Transaction Reference Number.  Make sure that you provide the correct Transaction Reference Number to avoid any inconvenience to you and your beneficiary.
b. Your beneficiary can pick-up funds at OFBank Branches, Landbank Branches or any of the Domestic Cash Pickup Location Partners of Landbank.
Option 2:       Via Foreign Bank using SWIFT code
You may send the money through a Foreign Bank via SWIFT using LANDBANK as intermediary bank for further credit to Overseas Filipino Bank account. OFBank will notify the beneficiary once received from the Foreign Bank, normally 1 to 5 banking days depending on the cut-off time of the Foreign Bank.
Note: Please follow this instruction when sending money via SWIFT Code Remit to Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), Manila, Philippines SWIFT CODE TLBPPPHMM for credit to the account of Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank) with LBP-Intramuros Branch Account No. 0014-0084-46 for further credit to _________ (depositor’s name)____ account no. ________ (depositor’s account no.) with Overseas Filipino Bank - ___ (Main Branch).
Option 3:       Via Transfast 
OFBank has an existing tie-up with Transfast Worldwide Remittance Company which accepts “PADALA” to the Philippines for pick-up to OFBank Main Branch at Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila and to all existing provincial branches of Postbank (now named as OFBank)