OFBank conducts awareness seminars on reproductive system disorders

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13 December 2018
For the second time in year 2018, the Human Resources Department again organized an “Awareness Orientation on Gynecological Disorders of Women under Magna Carta Law”. In addition, they have also included an “Awareness Orientation on Prostate Cancer”.
The seminar was conducted last 13 December 2018 at the Seminar Room at the Ground Floor of the OFBank Head Office. It was a half-day orientation facilitated by the Human Resources Department. The “Awareness Orientation on Gynecological Disorders of Women under Magna Carta Law” was attended by the female employees of the Bank, while the “Awareness Orientation on Prostate Cancer” was attended by the male employees. The seminar focused on awareness on the reproductive system disorders for men and women.
Dr. Sheelagh Venturanza, PHLPost medical officer served as the speaker of the seminar. Dr. Venturanza was assisted by Nurse Vanessa de Leon who is also from PHLPost. It is an interactive seminar coupled with an open forum discussion participated by the Head Office employees who were very attentive and interested in the discussion.
At the end of the seminar, it was concluded that it has achieved its goal of raising awareness among the OFBank employees of the causes, impact and prevention of these reproductive system disorders.