ADVISORY: Uniform Interpretation of Issue Date on Checks

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In connection with the issues and concerns raised by banks arising from the non-uniformity of their interpretation of the Issue Date on Checks presented for clearing, we are sending you a copy of PCHC Memo Circular No. 3445 on the Uniform Interpretation of Issue Date on Checks. 
In view of this, we are requesting all units that effective July 01, 2018, the date of check issuance written entirely in numeric format shall be read by clearing banks following the month-day-year sequence.
Concerned units may as well advise their clients that if they opt to indicate the date of their check issuance purely in numeric format, they may write the check date as shown in the July 2, 2018 examples below:
7/02/2018 07/02/2018 07-02-2018 07-2-2018 7-2-2018
7.02.2018 07.02.2018 07*02*2018 07*2*2018 7*2*2018
7/02/18 07/02/18 07-02-18 07-2-18 7-2-18
7.02.18 07.02.18 7*02*18 07*2*18 7*2*18
Dates written in alphanumeric form as stated in the examples below shall be read as they appear on the checks and shall continue to be acceptable for clearing, viz:
Format Example
Fully written November 03, 2018
Abbreviated Month (First three letters) Nov. 3, 2018
Fully written 03 November 2018
Abbreviation month 03 Nov 2018
Shortened 03 Nov 18

All post-dated checks (PDCs) bearing formats other than those illustrated above and which were accepted, stored and duly stamped/marked ‘Warehoused’ prior to July 01, 2018 should continue to be accepted until paid/negotiated.

All checks bearing an issue date that is considered invalid shall be returned by the Drawee Bank using the reason ‘Out-of-Date/Invalid Date’ or reason code ‘A’ as interpreted under CICS Operating Memo No.18-021.