Updated Bank Fees and Charges

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Effective: August 1, 2017


Below Maintaining balance service charge:

*Active Status - at least two (2) months non-maintenance of required ADB
*Dormant Status - non-maintenance of required ADB
Peso-Individual - P200.00
Peso-Corporate - P300.00
Government - Waived
FCDU - $5.00
Early closure Peso-SA -PB & ATM - P100.00
ATA - P500.00
Checking Account - P200.00
FCDU - $5.00

Certification Fee

Certification - P200.00
Doc Stamps - P15.00

Cost of Checkbook

Personal - P200.00
Commercial - P400.00

Transaction Statement

P50.00 plus P20.00 for every additional sheet

Advance Statement of Account


Inter-branch deposit/withdrawals


Inter-Branch encashment (On-us)

P50.00 or 0.10% of amount whichever is higher

Encashment of other PPSB Branch Check
(Payee other than the drawer of the check)

Minimum P100.00 for P10,000.00 & Below plus P50.00 for every P5,000.00 or a fraction thereof

Sale of Manager's check


Cancellation for MC sale

Non-refundable fee paid during sale

Replacement of Lost/Damaged Passbook

Regular Passbook - P100.00
PSP/ATA Passbook - P200.00
FCDU Savings - $10.00

Replacement of Lost/Damaged ATM Card


Change of ATM PIN


Replacement of Lost CTD (Peso/FCDU)


Dormancy Fee

New dormancy rules shall apply per BSP Circular 928 stating that

  • Impose dormancy fee five (5) years after the last inactivity date 
  • Not to exceed P30.00/month 
  • If the balance falls below the minimum monthly ADB, if any 


Special clearing of Checks

P1,000.00 for PPSB bank, plus
P1,000.00 for drawee bank (or as required) and Transportation fee of P100.00 for first 5KM plus additional P20.00 for every succeeding KM based on the distance of the drawee bank from the branch


SDB Rental Fee (per annum)

Small - P1,000.00
Medium - P1,200.00
Large - P1,500.00

Refundable deposit for SDB key


Loss of SDB keys

Cost of force opening and replacement of lost keys as set by the provider

Documentary Stamp Tax for Term Deposits

Placement/P200.00 x 1.00 x no. of days/365 days

Pre-termination of Term Deposits

Interest will be reverted back to savings rate

Return Fee for US Dollar Check


FCDU check deposit fee

$32.00 for foreign check
($30.00 - UCPB and $2.00-PPSB)

Stop Payment Order application (per Check)


Bank Statement Holding Fee - if not claimed within one (1) month


Returned Check (DAIF/DAUD)

Presenting Bank - P1,000.00
Drawee Bank - P1,000.00
plus penalty fee of P200.00 for every P40,000.00 or fraction thereof per day/check

*Note TAXES, as may be applicable,
Witholding Tax on interest
Peso - 20%
Foreign Currency - 7.5%