Postbank Charter

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Provide financial support to small farmers and other Agri-ventures. Make means of shelter, health, education, livelihood, and food accessible to all.

Engage in the general business of savings and mortgage banking To perform all the services authorized for commercial banks under RA 337, or operate under an expanded and promote the virtue of thrift among the general public.

To receive collections and make payments for the account of others, including postal money orders.

To invest in government securities and other debt instruments; and, To undertake, upon approval of the BSP, trust and quasi-banking functions. With prior approval of the Monetary Board to invest in financial allied undertakings such as leasing companies, banks, investment houses, credit card operations and other allied undertakings.

To undertake such other forms of loans, investments, credit facilities, or financial intermediation. With prior approval of the Monetary Board, to act as managing agent, adviser, consultant for the administration of investment accounts.

The Postal Bank has an authorized capital stock of one billion pesos ( P1,000,000.00), with five hundred million ( P500,000,000.00 ) actually subscribed, and three hundred million ( P300,000,000.00 ) paid-up capital stock.